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On Assignment: Behind the Camera

Carrie Vonderhaar has been photographing wildlife, under water and on land, for over a decade. Exploring from the Amazon to the Arctic, she shares her richly illustrated multi-media presentation of behind-the-scenes stories in a warm, and candid manner. By bringing attention to current conservation issues, problems and solutions, while reflecting on her own experiences in the field, Carrie conveys a you-are-there sense of excitement for her audience.

Find out what really happens on a Jean-Michel Cousteau expedition: dive under water with the big and small, such as humpback whales and the pygmy seahorse; assist in the rescue of a stranded orca; camp at 17,000 feet in the freezing, oxygen-scarce High Andes; visit remote indigenous tribes in the Amazon; and descend under water to document massive, hidden oil plumes lurking from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill. With Carrie’s behind-the-scenes stories as a vehicle for the journey of a lifetime, the audience will come away with a sense of urgency and a feeling of commitment to the environment and its denizens.

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